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Ghetto Priest is one of the most flamboyant and creative performers that have emerged on UK Reggae scene in the last three decades. For many years he worked with Adrian Sherwood and Asian Dub Foundation (which is one of frontman) and recently he teamed up with the Wroclaw based Positive Thursdays in DUB!

Ghetto Priest posses a raw energy and spirituality unparalleled by many artists of his generation, who constantly pushes at the boundaries of Roots music, while his style strongly maintains the essence of his Jamaican heritage.

In the first half of the 80s he honed his vocal skills in the London sound systems. He was interested not only in reggae and dub and quite quickly turned towards different music genres and teamed with one of the most progressive British music label On-U Sound. He played in the African Head Charge, accompanied Adrian Sherwood on concerts and guest appearances on many albums (including Asian Dub Foundation, Juno Reactor and Sinéad O'Connor). In 2004, his career took a real momentum thanks to released of his first album produced by Sherwood. Well accepted album "Vulture Culture" include songs such as "Rise Up" and "Visionary", which was used on the soundtrack of a gangster thriller called "Johnny Was". A year later, Ghetto Priest appeared on the cult album of Asian Dub Foundation "Tank" and went on tour as one of the vocalist of the group. Thanks to its enormous energy and talent he quickly gained recognition of the worldwide audience.

Ghetto Priest touring around the world with Asian Dub Foundation and also works on his solo projects. His album "Every Man for Every Man", was released in 2017 by RamRock Records. It was produced by Adrian Sherwood. On May 2018 he released “Plant My Herb” with Adrian Sherwood and Douglas Wardrop (Bush Chemists/Conscious Sounds). In 2019 Ghetto Priest again team up with Carlton “Bubblers” Ogilvie and Adrian Sherwood to work on his album “Big People Music”.

From 2014 he also works with a Wroclaw based band Positive Thursdays in DUB.

Positive Thursdays in DUB is a unique music project, which was developed by Rafal Konert from his radio show "Positive Thursdays" which has been broadcasted continuously since 2006. Positive Thursdays in DUB started out as a classic live act with DJ and horns section - trumpet and trombone. They organized a number of bass orientated events such as Thursday Bass Addicts, Island Bass Addicts, True Bass Addicts, beside this they was playing at various reggae festivals and events in Poland. They have an opportunity to support legendary band Steel Pulse, Black Uhuru singer Michael Rose, Etana, and Canadnia/Dutch producer Twilight Circus. Also they toured abroad appearing in Scotland during the Wee Dub Festival in 2014 and Bulgaria in 2013. Year 2015 was a breakthrough - a live act Positive Thursdays in DUB evolve into a full band which includes musicians who worked or work with top Polish artists. They continue cooperation with Ghetto Priest as a full live band. In 2016 they register concert material and year later release documentary “Rocking in Babylon”. From that moment they rise and build up their name sharing stage with popular French band – Dub Inc. or playing as the only live band on dub festival called - Independent Dub Day in 2017. In 2018 they enter the studio and start creating new tunes.


Fruit of this work come in 2019 when Positive Thursdays in DUB independently release their debut album “Landing On Planet Dub”. Main goal, however, has not been changed – it’s still showing the broad spectrum of reggae and dub, which Wroclaw based group presents in a unique and conscious way.

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